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Lindsay was able to give me simple strategies to become aware of how foods make me feel.  She didn’t just work on nutrition, but daily patterns. This helped me recognize the triggers to making bad choices and learning to replace those triggers.

The biggest tangible changes that I have seen since the start of this program is fewer headaches and less need for pain medicine.  I also have more positivity on a regular basis.  The most significant change is that I feel more intentional about food choices, meal planning, and working on ME!

Lindsay is great at helping you recognize things about yourself without every calling attention to it in a negative way.  She is an amazing listener, with great intuition and problem solving.  She is full of great solutions for any issues we discussed.  I tell everyone how amazing Lindsay is at what she does. 

It has been more enjoyable cooking with all new recipes and ideas that I got from Lindsay.  Not only have I learned so much about nutrition, I feel like I had some awesome therapy sessions!


Lindsay was able to help me completely realign my goals to uncover deeper opportunities for wellness beyond nutrition and physical fitness. 

The biggest tangible changes have been improved communication in my relationships.  I have been able to reach beyond my pre conceived ideas of success and re evaluate my career path which has been 99% of my identity. 

The most significant change has been the unexpected blessing of spiritual re-awakening and finding grace to let go of perfection with myself and expecting it of those around me.

Lindsay is compassionate and firm.  She always has an attentive ear and researches solutions thoughtfully to address individual needs rather then fitting someone into a mold.  I would recommend Lindsay to anyone scared to face their inner demons or their inner skeptic which is keeping them from reaching their own potential. 


In my 6-month program Lindsay was able toto help me see the forest through the trees.  I was trying to find my path towards health but didn’t have a good map to show me the way.  This program has helped me to get a clear understanding for where I am going and what the path looks like.  I was able to achieve this by setting a few goals each visit to work on and measure my progress each week.

The biggest change is that my life has completely changed in the 8 months I have been doing Pilates and health coaching. The aches and pains from a car accident are almost completely gone thanks to Pilates.  As for nutrition I realized that I don’t have to diet.  I hated doing diets and realized they didn’t work.  But after doing the guided 10 Day Sugar Detox I realize I don’t have to diet.  It took away all my cravings, and I no longer crave sugar, which is a big deal considering I used to reach for a Hostess cupcake every time I was upset.  I no longer drink carbonated drinks, and I am looking forward to tying new things.  I am calmer and have improved my sleep.   

Lindsay is unusually intuitive and perceptive.  She doesn’t try to impose her ideas but instead gradually discuss possibilities and share educational information to help enlighten her clients.  I would recommend Lindsay and this program to anyone of any age bracket. 

Lindsay was amazing during my 6-month program.  She is extremely knowledgeable and nothing surprises her.  She is laid back which makes it easy to discuss anything with her.  She truly has a God given talent to coach people.


I have done just about every exercise program out there.  I am amazed at how Pilates has improved my overall health, strength, muscle tone, and posture.  The exercise program continues to be challenging each time.

The addition of Health Coaching encouraged me to set and work to achieve some personal goals.  I initially set out to lose weight, eat clean, and get some physical health issues under control.  Lindsay provided specific instruction on eating better, including mindful eating, how to correctly read nutrition and ingredient labels, eating whole and organic foods, limiting and eliminating red meat, sugar and dairy.  Implementing many of these tips and changes have been beneficial to me.

The Health Coaching soon became as much about my spiritual health as it did my physical health, just as the Lord intended.  As a coach, Lindsay listens and gives insightful feedback.  She has provided meaningful and spot on guidance.  She has helped me rekindle my spiritual connection with Jesus and it has changed my life.  I would recommend Lindsay’s Health Coaching because she leads by example.  She is physically strong but her faith is even stronger.


I came in thinking this was ALL about diet and nutrition, but soon learned that this encompassed so much more.  my number one goal was to find balance in my life on lots of fronts.  Lindsay helped me to identify destructive patterns and triggers that set me off balance and into a spin.

The biggest change is that I understand how important quiet reflection and meditation are in maintaining a balanced life.  I have become more thoughtful and less reactive.  I understand what is behind mindless habits and more often than not can keep myself “cooler under fire”. 

Lindsay is supportive and encouraging.  She creates a safe environment for me to think through some tough things – some I didn’t even recognize as problems.  She never judges and offers possible avenues of resolution. 

I would recommend Lindsay to anyone who needs to remember who they are, who may have lost their true self to the busyness of this crazy world in which we live.

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