Pilates Reformer

Private - One on one instruction

Semi Private - Couples

Reformer Class - 4 people in a class.  Classes are leveled for optimal results

Circuit - utilizing all the Pilates equipment in a circuit format

Pilates Mat

Pilates mat work focusing on core strength and flexibility by using your own body weight to create a fun, challenging workout.  These classes are a great compliment to Reformer sessions and can be done at home or on the go.  Classes are leveled for optimal results


Class combining Pilates, dance, and Yoga.  It is a fun, challenging class incorporating cardio while strengthening and toning the muscles.

Plus - with weights

Flex and Flow - with bands

Sliders - utilizes sliders


Mindful and Gentle Flow Vinyasa that synchronizes breath with movement while paying special attention to alignment, and linking breath to mindful movements. Alignment cues to build strength and balance and flexibility will inspire a deeper relationship between body, mind, and spirit.

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