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Health; A Get Out Of Jail Free Card?

I recently read a social media post by Jenna Zaffino about what it really means to be healthy. Many of us that label ourselves healthy, think this means we get a free pass exempting us from any sickness, disease, or physical ailment. But in reality this just isn’t true.

This mentality lies with the idea that health is a destination versus a journey. Seeing health as a destination leads you to think that there is an arrival point. That once you hit optimal health then you are immune from any physical ailment. Health doesn’t quite work that way. Health is a journey. It’s not a few habits you change and then, voila, you are healthy. Instead it’s a journey you embark on that changes, fluctuates, has highs and lows, and moves you in directions you never thought you would go. Since it’s ever changing you never reach an actual moment where you have achieved optimal health. This ever changing health journey can leave all of us, healthy and not so healthy, susceptible to any and all diseases, viruses, and physical issues that plague our world.

So you're thinking, well if that’s the case, what’s the point of trying to be healthy if I will be no better off then those who are unhealthy? And here’s where the difference lies between the two. While healthier people do not receive a “get out of jail free” card, those that are healthy will hopefully be able to fight off infection and disease much quicker and easier then those that are unhealthy. Healthier people will be able to keep away chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. All things that when faced with Covid - 19 and other viruses, can put a person’s life in serious danger.

So many of us who label ourselves healthy, have an interesting mentality. One, we think we are invincible. We think that there is no way we will contract the flu or Covid - 19 because we take good care of ourselves. We wear health like a badge of honor, and yet that can be detrimental to ourselves and people around us. No one gets the “get out of jail free” card, so no matter how healthy you think you are, there is always room for improvement, so we need to take the necessary precautions for ourselves and those we come in contact with. Two, healthy people tend to get mad or angry if we get sick. As if someone made a mistake, and handed us the wrong card. It makes us think that we must not have been healthy at all. That all of our hard work was a waste or that we did something wrong, sometimes sending us back into an unhealthy lifestyle. I mean, what’s the point, right?

This happened in my house just this week. My husband got sick and he was so upset about it. He couldn’t understand how he would get sick, when he sees himself as extremely healthy, and I would agree that he is. His mentality prevented him for a day or so to really begin to heal. He was also mad that not a single person in our house got sick at all. Truly a miracle, but for him it was another indication that he had done something wrong.

This wasn’t the case at all. I had to remind him that he is healthy, and he didn’t do anything wrong. His health was the key that allowed him to recover quicker from this sickness then so many others. His body did exactly what he had prepared it to do when he entered into his health journey.

That’s what health is. It’s not a free pass to get you out of everything. It’s a set of weapons that you have in your arsenal when the battle comes. The battle is coming, there’s no way around that. The question is whether you want to have a lot of weapons to fight the battle, or if you are ok with no weapons, hoping for a miracle. For me, I want to be empowered to know that I can be an active participant in fighting my battles. I might not always win, but I have the power to put up a fight. That’s better then just laying down when the battle comes, closing your eyes and hoping for the best. My health is my weapon against the attacks that will come against my body. You too have the power to build up your weapons. It starts by taking the first steps to entering into your health journey. There is no better time then now to do that. In the middle of a pandemic, now is the time to ensure we are at our best in terms of our health. We can make new choices and habits that will set us up for success when the attacks come. Let 2021 be the year you take control of your health!

During times of sickness, I always do my best to fuel my body with the most nutritious food I can. That can be challenging because during these times we usually want comfort foods, yet these foods will increase inflammation, making it harder to heal. The best thing you can do for your body is fill it with healthy, nutritious, disease fighting foods. Here are two recipes I use frequently any time my family gets sick.

Are you interested in starting on your health journey for 2021? Maybe 2021 is your year to do something different. Sometimes that means stepping out and asking for help. It's always easier when you have support. If you are ready to try something new, contact Lindsay, IIN Nutritional Health Coach, to schedule your complimentary health consultation today.

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